Claudia Luiz’s stories help professionals to process and learn from common
workplace emotions like envy, frustration, fear or competitiveness.
Professionals increasingly search to find meaning in the workplace, and
Claudia Luiz’s stories help them to understand and use their emotions in
ways that augment effectiveness and productivity.

Keynote Speaker for Retreats, Seminars, Conferences and Workshops

Help Your People Find Greater Meaning in What They Do!

"The people who know how to search for meaning are the ones who will most likely find it.”"

The Secret of Success: Greater Meaning

Because we are on a relentless search for greater meaning in our modern life, a new emotional sophistication has to replace old, worn-out psychology.

The good news is that there are new ways of finding meaning in what we do.

What are they? Through a deeper use of our emotions. When we learn to leverage our emotions to inform and advise us, instead of treating those emotions as if they were forces to contend with – to be harnessed, managed and controlled, we obtain new levels of meaning in business and in life.

Successful people think with their emotions. They are not daunted of what they feel, so they can think with their hearts as well as their minds, which not only increases decisiveness and productivity, but also adds meaning to everything they think and do.

People who can find the greater meaning in what they do use their emotions hundreds of times more than people who still struggle with what they feel.

Helping Your People Succeed

Claudia can help your people start thinking with their emotions. She can help them see new possibilities so they can start achieving more – more sales, more productivity, better relationships and better results for your organization.

Through her endless storehouse of stories, Claudia will inspire your people to believe more in themselves, to see new frontiers, and to become more creative and productive.

A Proven Expert

Claudia is an expert on working with the most challenging emotions. Organizations use her strategies to get their people to strive for greater meaning in what they do — and who they do it with, leading to increased productivity in every area.

At the age of 21, Claudia began her studies as a psychoanalyst, the youngest student to ever be admitted to the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies in New York City. Since then, she has treated hundreds of patients helping them leverage their emotions to greater heights of personal power, meaning and fulfillment.

First Place winner of the 2006 Phyllis Meadow award for excellence in psychoanalytic writing for her paper “Pushing Through Boundaries of Inner Space” and the 2008 Writer’s Digest Best Website award where her five-year advice column was featured, Claudia has been educating and entertaining readers since 2000.

Using her time-tested emotional strategies to help people leverage their emotions, Claudia’s techniques address the needs of a wide range of people in these changing time.

Claudia will inspire and equip your people to know how to manage what they feel more than ever before.

Still Pushing Boundaries…

Claudia’s book, “Where’s My Sanity? Stories that Heal,” has been endorsed by the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis, the Society of Modern Psychoanalysis and has been included in the curriculums of four psychotherapy schools in the Northeast. It is the first book of stories ever to be reviewed in the Journal of Modern Psychoanalysis.