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If you want to come right into my treatment room and see how change really happens, read my stories about depression, anxiety, infidelity, ADD and drug-addiction.  They don’t tell you how change happens. They show you.


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Many books claim they can rescue you from confusion, unhappiness and agitation. But Dr. Claudia Luiz says sanity isn’t where you’ve been looking.

"You can’t attain sanity by just trying harder, exercising a positive outlook, letting go, forgiving or meditating. What you need for sanity, when reason fails, are emotional experiences. Not ideas. Experiences."


In Where’s my Sanity? Dr. Luiz delivers a unique and refreshing set of stories about the experiences that have been most effective for her patients.

Here are stories about people suffering with our most common modern-day afflictions — from depression, the effects of womanizing, and having difficult teenagers, to being stuck or agitated — and then what transpires to make things better. By drawing on her more than twenty five years treating people, Psychotherapist Luiz reveals a new method for change and how you too can experience it.

How to Get Better

Claudia Luiz’s book: Where’s My Sanity? Stories that Help, was written to help readers understand how change really happens. Not by pressing a button on ourselves to “move forward” but through emotional experiences that have to power to create change naturally. Each chapter moves the reader forward towards what emotional experiences everybody can search for, and what they can do for you.

All speaking and consulting address the question: Why Can’t We Move Forward? And offer new, innovative ideas and methods to lift the obstacles to self-improvement, growth, improved mental health and deep, lasting change.


Parents are increasingly criticized for spoiling and hovering over their kids. Claudia Luiz’s stories get to the heart of what parents are really feeling, to provide a new way of looking at our most common challenges, helping families to learn how to manage the guilt, anxiety and negativity that we all feel.

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Couples often experience feelings of disappointment, loss of trust, and frustration. Through stories, Claudia Luiz teaches how these emotions can be used to strengthen the marital bond, and create the emotional experiences that increase intimacy and love.

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Claudia Luiz’s stories help professionals process and learn from common workplace emotions like envy, frustration, fear or competitiveness. Professionals increasingly search to find meaning in the workplace, and her stories help them understand and use their emotions to augment effectiveness and productivity.

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